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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Independent Financial Advisor?

As Independent Financial Advisors, we represent virtually countless investment products from hundreds of different companies; we are not limited to investment vehicles offered by just one financial firm.  We are independent contractors (not employees), which means we are not pressured or paid to sell specific accounts, mutual funds, or insurance policies.  Independent Financial Advisors work directly for their clients, offering unbiased investment strategties that are suitable for their needs and goals.  

Who is SagePoint Financial?

SagePoint Financial, Inc, is part of Advisor Group Inc., one of the largest independent Broker-Dealer networks in the industry. SagePoint Financial, Inc. is headquartered in Phoenix, AZ and is home to approximately 1,700 Independent Advisors just like us. AIG Advisor Group is a holding company for four independent broker-dealers.

Who is New England Retirement Concepts?

New England Retirement Concepts is the business name we use as a team.   Because we are a group, we have a shared name. Insurance is offered through New England Retirement Concepts and is not affiliated with SagePoint Financial.

What products and companies do you, as SagePoint Financial advisors, represent and work with?

SagePoint advisors have the flexibility to access financial products from hundreds of companies. This level of independence enables us to provide truly sound advice to our clients with the confidence that we’re presenting among the best available solutions for their needs.

Do advisors in your branch adhere to fiduciary standards?

Yes, the advisors in our branch are committed to a fiduciary standard of care.. A fiduciary is a person including an advisor who has a legal duty to act solely in another party’s best interest and is obligated to make recommendations without consideration for one’s own interest.

What if I’m already working with another Financial Advisor?

If you are already working with another Financial Advisor, we are more than happy to review those accounts and make sure they are aligned with your personal financial goals. We do encourage working with just one Advisor so that your portfolio is being managed by a single person with a cohesive strategy that will align with the many accounts that you may have.  To determine if we are the right team of Advisors to serve your needs, we welcome you to an introductory meeting or call to discuss the potential of working together.

Will I receive personalized and professional service?

To ensure each client receives personalized and professional service, our Advisors offer standard periodic reviews with their clients.  Clients will choose if they want to meet annually, quarterly or even more frequently.  Each client has direct contact with Advisor (cell phone number is provided to each client).   We personally take and return client phone calls and emails.   We are committed to providing you with timely responses and also have ongoing communication systems in place.

How do you keep up with the ever changing regulations in the financial industry?

SagePoint offers their Advisors many learning opportunities including regional and national education conferences.  These events allow us to practice and keep up with the latest compliance and regulatory procedures and operations.  We participate in technology training and various networking events which enables us to keep pace with industry trends, best practices, policy changes and new products.  Through active attendance and participation at national education conferences sponsored by Advisor Group Inc., we stay up-to-date on current industry matters. We are required to undergo training in various areas that must be completed on an annual basis.

What happens to my accounts if something were to happen to my Advisor? 

We have a detailed succession plan in place should something unexpectedly happen to the Advisor or even if he/she moves to another Firm or retires.  Our clients will continue to receive the same level of highly personalized service from another Advisor on the team or have the option to transfer your accounts elsewhere.